Requests are horked that include doubles (ascii) with more than 4 decimals


This is very odd. I send an ASCII string as my request, which is a colon delimited string. This string includes int and double values.

Here's an example of the string being sent:


This works fine for me when sending values as the above, the embedded device receives the request and it is exactly as above. No trickery involved, the request is immediately strcpy'd to local storage.

If I sent doubles with 5 decimal precision, the request is horked on the server side. It is fine when I send it from the client, I test that just before calling send(). This is very odd, but as a workaround I'm limiting the precision to 4 decimal places.

A bad request looks like this:


Everything is the same except the precision, both are ASCII text strings.

I can see on the client side it looks perfect before sending, but on the server side the string is horked up and odd extended ascii characters.


server is running on an Arm Cortex9, running embedded linux using the yocto/oe distribution. client is running on ubuntu 12.10. server is running a program in c, client is running python.


Guido G.
August 29, 2013, 10:22 AM

No test case.
Invented test case myself.
All works as expected.

Cannot Reproduce




Alan DuBoff



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